Road-Stream Crossing Inventory Grant Projects

Beginning with a single pilot grant in 2014 and a full grant program in 2015, MiCorps recently introduced the VSMP Road/Stream Crossing Inventory Grants Program to provide funding to volunteer monitoring groups wishing to assess the condition of road/stream crossings to protect and enhance streams throughout a target watershed. The following organizations have received Road/Stream Crossing Inventory grants to date.

2017 Grants

St. Joseph County Conservation District – SJC Road Warriors

Watershed(s): St. Joseph River
Funding Amount: $7,025
Contact: Carolyn Grace, 269-467-6336,
Project Duration: 2017-2018 (project completed)

The St. Joseph County Conservation District seeks to conduct a road/stream crossing inventory that will assess 65-80 sites within the St. Joseph River watershed within St. Joseph County, including crossings over the Rocky River, Portage River, Prairie River, and Spring Creek. The results will assist in prioritizing road improvements where culverts are failing or not properly sized.

2016 Grants

Muskegon Conservation District – RSX Assessments in the Upper White River Watershed

Watershed(s): White River
Funding Amount: $3,951.10
Contact: Steve Coverly, 231-828-5097,
Project Duration: 2016-2017 (project completed)

The Muskegon Conservation District, in partnership with the White River Watershed Partnership, seeks to conduct a road/stream crossing inventory at 50 sites within the North and South Branches and smaller tributaries of the White River within Oceana and Newaygo counties, to identify and prioritize those crossings most in need of improvement, especially those located on coldwater streams in areas critical to spawning and recruitment of migratory game fish.

Macatawa Area Coordinating Council – Macatawa Watershed Road/Stream Crossing Inventory

Watershed(s): Macatawa River
Funding Amount: $7,496.93
Contact: Kelly Goward, 616-395-2688,
Project Duration: 2016-2017 (project completed)

The Macatawa Area Coordinating Council seeks to conduct a road/stream crossing inventory with 58 sites throughout the Lake Macatawa watershed in Ottawa and Allegan counties to quantify pollutant loads, prioritize remediation or replacement of problematic crossings, and reduce erosion and sediment delivery to Lake Macatawa.

Calhoun Conservation District – Calhoun Volunteer Road/Stream Crossing Inventory 2016

Watershed(s): Kalamazoo River, Rice Creek, Battle Creek River, and Nottawa Creek
Funding Amount: $8,500
Contact: Tracy Bronson, 269-781-4867,
Project Duration: 2016-2017 (project completed)

The Calhoun Conservation District seeks to conduct a road/stream crossing inventory with a minimum of 81 sites in four subwatersheds (South Branch Kalamazoo River, Rice Creek, Nottawa Creek, and Battle Creek River) within Calhoun County to assess water quality, aquatic organism passage, road safety, and sediment/erosion issues, and to collect data to prioritize structure remediation.

2015 Grants

Clinton River Watershed Council – Streets and Streams: Where they Meet

Watershed(s): Clinton River
Funding Amount: $4,940
Contact: Matt Einheuser, 248-601-0606,
Project Duration: 2015-2016 (project completed)

The Clinton River Watershed Council seeks to conduct a road/stream crossing inventory in rural and suburban areas of the Stony Creek and Upper Clinton River subwatersheds in Oakland and Macomb counties to help identify priority areas for restoration and infrastructure improvements.

Van Buren County Road Commission – Paw Paw River Watershed Road Stream Crossing Inventory

Watershed(s): Paw Paw River
Funding Amount: $8,500
Contact: Larry Hummel, 269-674-8011,
Project Duration: 2015-2016 (project completed)

The Van Buren County Road Commission seeks to conduct a road/stream crossing inventory of the Paw Paw River watershed in Van Buren County to assist with prioritizing road fixes that will reduce flooding and erosion and improve the physical and biological conditions of the river to reflect natural conditions.

2014 Pilot Grant

Timberland RC&D Council – Buck Creek Road/Stream Crossing Inventory

Watershed(s): Buck Creek
Funding Amount: $8,500
Contact: Kristi Klomp, 616-451-4844,
Project Duration: 2014-2015 (project closed out)

Buck Creek, a subwatershed of the Lower Grand River, flows through Gaines Charter Township, Byron Township, and the cities of Kentwood, Wyoming, and Grandville, with an estimated 210 road/stream crossings. The data collected from this project was intended to help to determine the current and potential impacts that road/stream crossings have on waters within the Buck Creek watershed, as well as prioritize placement of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to mitigate water quality, habitat, and contamination concerns for the watershed.

Project Closed Out Before Completion